Monochrome Home-Book Review

Monochrome Home Book Review. Ok so the title monochrome home, elegant interiors in black and white. I must admit that before opening this book I kind of judge it… not by its cover but by its title. I had a rigid idea of monochrome and the tag line reenforced it, elegant interiors in black and… Continue reading Monochrome Home-Book Review


Secret Society

I believe I am about to write my first book review, it may not be like a normal book review but lets try it out In our Bristol store we sell a few interior books and magazines, we buy our favourites that we own ourselves as I am sure other people will love them too.… Continue reading Secret Society

Old Inspirations

Its always weird what things stick with you. The other day we got asked what are most current loves. I think this made us realise we are not so current and often pretty influenced in what we like now from things we saw ages ago. One of my main things that I think influenced a… Continue reading Old Inspirations

Introduction to Haüshizzle

If you have not yet heard of Dig Haüshizzle, seen the store, the website or any other random online presences. I thought it may be best to do a bit of a pictorial introduction to the kind of things we like. Although this is the "Haüshizzle" blog our tastes have not changed I just wanted… Continue reading Introduction to Haüshizzle