At Home – Our Interior style

This week our home has been featured by the fantastic Design*Sponge, recently it also made an appearance to in Homes and Antiques magazine. We have a one bedroom flat in Bristol and we have been here for 6 years. It is not finished and never will be as there is always new ideas to try or… Continue reading At Home – Our Interior style


The Weeks Pick – Instrumental Decoration

Instruments are beautiful and often expensive things. Obviously made to make beautiful music with but sometimes whether due to being broken or just looking freaking amazing they become more decorative objects than musical.  Kind of moving on from the home with a grand Piano that no one can play, instruments (and there cases) can be… Continue reading The Weeks Pick – Instrumental Decoration

The Weeks Pick – Workbench Style

Right I have decided I need to do some weekly feature on the blog to help make it more manageable and keep me focused.  "The Weeks Pick" will feature one of our favourite new piece's from our store Dig Haüshizzle. We will also show many styling ideas and in a inspiration/moodboard fashion will show how… Continue reading The Weeks Pick – Workbench Style

Interior Inspirations – 23 spaces all about the Green!

House Plants This is not something I claim to be an expert at. I am a beginner and it has gone wrong a few times  but I can help but keep feeling our home or the shop for that matter just needs a few more plants!  Im sat writing this in the store with 15… Continue reading Interior Inspirations – 23 spaces all about the Green!

Dig Haüshizzle on the road – The 2015 Bath Decorative Antique Fair

So last week we made it to our first fair. We have been to fairs before buying and love to especially visit the Battersea Decorative Antique Fair. Although Bath is on our doorstep we had never actually been to the fair even as a buyer. So we really had no idea what to expect or… Continue reading Dig Haüshizzle on the road – The 2015 Bath Decorative Antique Fair

Taxidermy Course and Demonstration by Kim Zoe Wagner

So the dust has settled on our first weekend of taxidermy courses held within the Dig Haüshizzle store. We’ve had an absolute blast and made a few friends along the way. Firstly meeting Kim for the first time on Saturday evening couldn’t have gone better she was instantly on Cassie and I wave length and… Continue reading Taxidermy Course and Demonstration by Kim Zoe Wagner

Globe de Mariée – Objects of Desire

I do love a dome and I do love anything gold (Edd does affectionally sometimes call me Goldmember which I am not a fan off, unlike Edd I am also not an Austin Powers fan) I digress. There is a domed piece of history that keeps calling to me and that is the Globe de… Continue reading Globe de Mariée – Objects of Desire

18 outdoor chairs we dig.

The summer is trying to be upon us, there are spatterings of rain and minutes of sun. Those minutes of sun are precious and we all like to take use of them. Whether its a beer outside at the pub, Pimms in the park or a glass of wine at home in the garden. Ok,… Continue reading 18 outdoor chairs we dig.

Introduction to Haüshizzle

If you have not yet heard of Dig Haüshizzle, seen the store, the website or any other random online presences. I thought it may be best to do a bit of a pictorial introduction to the kind of things we like. Although this is the "Haüshizzle" blog our tastes have not changed I just wanted… Continue reading Introduction to Haüshizzle

We are growing up.

Today I have decided that its time for Dig Haüshizzle to grow up. Not to become a more reserved adult, to play its music quieter or to have a sudden love of Alan Titchmarsh. I just mean as much as I love Tumblr and will continue it, maybe its time to try and give this… Continue reading We are growing up.