Project Haüs – The First Steps

The first few days in the house there was a lot done. We had our artwork up on the walls and plonked in our furniture. It immediately felt a little more like out home despite the 1960's bad bed and breakfast vibe going on.  I did almost immediately realise we can't go as fast as… Continue reading Project Haüs – The First Steps


26 Unique and Stylish Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Three legged mid century Chair - £50 An unusual mid century decorative chair that also makes a great bedside table. 3 available 2. Enamel Vintage candle holder - £15 3.  Painted Dutch mid 19th century Barrel - £480 A beautifully painted wooden barrel with Dutch scenes dating from with mid 19th century. The detail is fantastic… Continue reading 26 Unique and Stylish Christmas Gift Ideas

Racing against the clock to get to the pickeling ! An Interview with taxidermist Kim Zoe Wagner

In anticipation of our forthcoming taxidermy courses in July  we have caught up with Kim Zoe Wagner who hosts the courses and had a bit of a chat about her profession, art and interiors. As lovers of taxidermy ourselves we always had in mind featuring bit more than pieces in the store. So a few… Continue reading Racing against the clock to get to the pickeling ! An Interview with taxidermist Kim Zoe Wagner

Monochrome Home-Book Review

Monochrome Home Book Review. Ok so the title monochrome home, elegant interiors in black and white. I must admit that before opening this book I kind of judge it… not by its cover but by its title. I had a rigid idea of monochrome and the tag line reenforced it, elegant interiors in black and… Continue reading Monochrome Home-Book Review

At Home – Our Interior style

This week our home has been featured by the fantastic Design*Sponge, recently it also made an appearance to in Homes and Antiques magazine. We have a one bedroom flat in Bristol and we have been here for 6 years. It is not finished and never will be as there is always new ideas to try or… Continue reading At Home – Our Interior style

Dig Haüshizzle’s Top 25 Christmas Gift Ideas

Here is a little selection of some of the pieces we currently have in store and online that we think would make cracking Christmas Presents! VINTAGE MANNEQUIN HANDS -  small £40 medium £45 Large £48 2. ORIGINAL 1920's FLOWER PRESSINGS - £35 each 3. PAIR OF SHOE MOULDS-£24 each (currently only available in store or over… Continue reading Dig Haüshizzle’s Top 25 Christmas Gift Ideas

Interior Inspirations – 23 spaces all about the Green!

House Plants This is not something I claim to be an expert at. I am a beginner and it has gone wrong a few times  but I can help but keep feeling our home or the shop for that matter just needs a few more plants!  Im sat writing this in the store with 15… Continue reading Interior Inspirations – 23 spaces all about the Green!