Hello There,

This is the blog home of Dig Haüshizzle.

Dig Haüshizzle was created in late 2010 by Cassandra Linton and Edward Nicholas and is based in Bristol.

The idea for Dig Haüshizzle came to us when furnishing our own home. We struggled to find the individual pieces we wanted as we had such little spare time to look. Also we were a little impatient on finding many pieces we loved that fitted our styles we still had a few empty gaps. So alas, we gave in a bought some flat pack furniture to fill them, as at the time it was just easier.

Ok, the flat pack shelves do the job and hold up our huge mass of books but other things were just not working. We replaced the coffee table with a lovely wooden letter press table which made us much happier. Getting carried away we started to buy a bit too much for our little flat. Our friends and family started asking us to source homewares for them as we were always buying things they loved.

Our aim for Dig Haüshizzle is to bring individual pieces together in one collection. So all of us out there that don’t have time to trawl flea markets, antiques fairs and so on can hopefully find something a little easier.

With a small collection now, we were first stocked in the Antlers gallery Christmas pop up shop in 2011. From this we grew our collection and learnt more restoring techniques. By March 2012 we had enough stock to open our first stand alone pop up store. Again this was with the Help of Antlers Gallery and their changing space “Philadelphia Street” in Cabot Circus, Bristol. We were here for 6 weeks and it seems people quite liked what we were doing as we closed the store with little stock left but plans for the next store and more product ideas.

​In December 2012 we opened our first Dig Haüshizzle store at 51 Colston Street Bristol.

Now after not having any time to look, it’s now our jobs to look. Just send as an email if there is something particular you are looking for and we will do our best to source it for you.​

Cassandra and Edward.


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