Shop Share Opportunity

This year we have been at our Colston street store for 5 years! We love being here and having a physical shop. Its been such a pleasure. However as our costs continue to rise we have been trying to weigh up whether the shop is totally necessary and should we take our business solely online. I think this is one of the things that are really affecting smaller retail shops both in our trade and others at the moment. However we do love having a shop! Our second problem is the amount of our time the shops demands.We open 6 days a week, and with buying for the shop we have very little free time (or enough time for buying). Our costs mean employing someone is not currently an option and we know we cant sustain our current hours. So we have decided we must look at some other options and now are looking for someone to shop share with us. We are open to lots of different ideas, trades and crafts from established businesses to startups. There may also be an option for a studio in the basement. We are really looking for something and someone that will compliment our brand. They will be run as totally separate business but hopefully with a great interest in each others, so both our store and theirs can be run by either of us to cover holidays, days off etc.

We can continue as we are but in all honesty to make the shop better and to be able to put more time into every aspect we are hoping this will be something that can give us more time and less financial pressure. We have struggled to find the right way to take the business forward for us and can see this option could be great for us and someone else.


What we can offer?

Shop and window space in the very independent driven Christmas Steps Arts Quarter in the centre of Bristol. We are an established store with lots of amazing clients. We have been in the store for five years and with an expanding website we have learnt lots about retail on the way. As it will be a shared space the rent will be a lot lower than doing it on your own.

Unlike opening a shop on your own you will essentially have colleagues which is always nice having other people around. The main bonus on this though is you wont have to be in every day. Starting up its not always easy to employ people and this way without costing you anything you can be open when you are not there.

Us. I think we are quite nice people to work along side. We love our jobs and our store and want it to keep looking forward.


What we are looking for ?

A brand that can compliment our own and sit well together. Someone who is looking for a shop and willing to put in the time of running their own shop, that also we can trust to run ours when we are not around.

A brand that is looking to expand and has a similar drive in moving themselves forward.

To take the pressure of our own shop expenses by charging for a portion of the shop.

We already really struggle to have free time opening the shop 6 days a week and are hoping by sharing the shop we can have some more time off together.


If you are interested please get in touch at or if you know anyone that you think would be, please share the word.

Cassie and Edd x


2 thoughts on “Shop Share Opportunity”

  1. Hello to you both,

    If I had seen this sooner I would have been very interested, I had Foxed Grey in Chichester, and before that a venue in Chiswick West London.
    We had thought of moving over to Bristol, but ended up in Hastings, near Old Town.
    I understand completely re shop overheads etc, thats why I did not renew my lease in Chichester.
    I wish you the best of luck….. you both have a good eye.

    I am online just about, under a new name
    for now, follow me on the links instagram etc

    Good luck to you both,

    Best wishes

    Fiona Lewin

    1. Hi there Fiona, Thanks so much, yes the shop over heads are becoming too much. We have not found the perfect shop share but we are still keeping an eye out. Really hope everything is going well in hastings and just followed you now too. Thanks so muuch again for getting in touch, Cassie and Edd x x

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