Monochrome Home-Book Review

Monochrome Home Book Review.

Ok so the title monochrome home, elegant interiors in black and white. I must admit that before opening this book I kind of judge it… not by its cover but by its title. I had a rigid idea of monochrome and the tag line reenforced it, elegant interiors in black and white. I thought to myself, black! as in dark jet black and white as in skirting board brilliant white. Two hugely contrasting colours, how can they work in an interior? Flicking through the first few pages it instantly came obvious that monochrome was branching out to every shade between those two main colours, black and white. Indeed if I’d had flipped the book over and read the blurb on the back I would of been aware of this ‘ elegant interiors in black,white and all the shades of grey in-between.

One thing I picked up on early on in the book was the way a dark object can be placed against and equally dark backdrop and be engulfed, disappear almost completely, but light the object correctly and it comes back to life as the shape of the object reflects the light. I nice trick to play around with at home.


Plenty of the photographs have an abundance of texture to them, this is added but branches, dried leafs, paint sheets or even the depth of a thickly woven basket.

The book is split into two main sections, Monochrome Palettes and Monochrome Homes. I found it easier to look through the homes section first even though it comes secondary in the book. Its easier to digest and it got me engrossed. After that moving on to the palettes section explains why the images of the homes works so well.


Its written in a open, conversational way and coupled with the sleek photography it really works well. Each image has a small write up explaining to the reader what to look out for, why something works well in the photo. I really enjoyed the book, it opened my mind to the world of monochrome interiors and by the end of it I could really appreciate why so many homes that we deliver stock too have adopted this style, its really versatile and is a lovely canvas to work around.