Catching Up and Changing up

IMG_4517So yes things have been a little quite on the blog front. We have been busy and its kind of taken a sideline as these things do. However actually enjoying writing it and having lots of ideas means we have given it a bit of a new look that should hopefully be easier to navigate will have more to see and will be in a separate style to main Dig Haüshizzle website. Also I think this new look makes the thought for us of writing blog posts a little less daunting. So here we go this is the Haüshizzle blog. Sister to the Dig Haüshizzle store. If there is ever any questions or anything you would like to see from us just let us know.

So what has been going on in the mean time?

Well as ever we have been out on the road hunting for beautiful things we have also taken a little break in Montenegro actually we also snuck in a trip to Ibiza back in March too but that is holidays done now for the year. We stalled at the fantastic Bristol Tattoo Convention, re jigged the whole shop almost finished our flat. Had photo shoots in the store and our flat and we have a new addition to our lives in our wonderful Boston Terrier – Beecher Freidel.

BRISTOL TATTO CONVENTION –  13th -14th JuneMain3

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Dad getting some Ink !

We had a great weekend at the Bristol Tattoo Convention. We had never down anything like this before but seeing as it was just on our doorstep we would thought we would give it a bash! Everything about it went pretty smoothly with an easy set up  except for breaking one dome (there is always a casualty ).  Everyone there was so fantastic, friendly and helpful we just ended up having a really great time. With me in the shop in the day time I managed to get to Edd at the convention about half 6 ish. He was already a few beers down and enjoying the day, while thinking of adding to his tattoo collection. But more weirdly I turned up to find my dad there in the chair undergoing his second tattoo much to my mums dismay! He absolutely loved everything about the convention and made us love it even more.  I would recommend a visit Im sure it will be back next year and hope we will be back there too. c2947102a52289ed3f0c8b13b8f31aa2IMG_4393IMG_4371

One more thing we have a new arrival – Beecher Friedel

Beecher is our lovely Boston Terrier who is now just 9 weeks old. He has settled in really well and we have had a great few weeks him. He will be in the shop with us (when he has had al his jabs) but for now he lovingly gets carried most places. Edd has always wanted a dog, I love dogs too but Edd has really been the driving force. Our friend pointed out there never really was perfect time to get one so didn’t really know what we were waiting for. So after a few weeks of hunting we went to Dorset to look at a litter and its parents and came back with the fantastic and extremely cute Beecher. I have promised Edd I will not gush about him too much online but I think a little bit is ok.  Ever since I have known Edd a dog has been on his Agenda it has even had name for about the last 8 years. He is named after the IMG_4461Hardcore band Beecher and had the last minute addition of the name Friedel. After legend goalkeeper Brad Friedel, whom I actually added from being a Spurs fan alongside Edd and having more fun watching the goalkeepers. Brad was a wonder for me when he joined, a goalkeeper that saved goals!!! So any way I’m sure we will get back to being more of an interiors blog but for now here is our wonderful puppy.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Beechers First visit to the pub!
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Beecher Helping with the paperwork
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Beecher Friedel being beyond adorable

Cass x


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