Dig Haüshizzle presents – Its First Taxidermy course and demonstration evening.

At Dig Haüshizzle we will be hosting our First Taxidermy course and Demonstration evening.

This is something we have been planning to do for a while and we have so many people come into the store asking us about where to go to learn. Only knowing a few good places in London we thought we would try and bring the best of London to Bristol.

We are so freaking chuffed to have Kim Zoe Wagner taking the course and demonstration evenings. Originally born in Switzerland, but now living and working in London as a Taxidermist since 2009. Kim was taught by Polly Morgan and George Jamieson, Kim has worked on a variety of Specimens from canaries to a baby giraffe for various clients including Pam Hogg, Lily Cole and Derren Brown.

The animals Kim uses have not been killed for the purpose of Taxidermy


“Kim is simply the only young taxidermist I know who has learned her craft the proper way; through years of hard graft and patience. She is in a different league to the new generation of taxidermy teachers. I would urge anyone who is serious about doing taxidermy well to leap at the chance to learn from her; she is in it for the long haul”  – Polly Morgan


Demonstration Evening

The demonstration evening will take place at 7 pm on the Saturday 13th September and will last approximately two and a half hours.

On the demonstration evening Kim will be going through a step by step process of taxidermy. Starting with what equipment you will need and where to get it and how to source your specimens. Kim will show the complete steps to complete a taxidermy bird. Viewers are welcome to write notes and will be given all the instructions needed to start your own taxidermy project at home. The closer details of the taxidermy work will also be projected live onto a large screen so all details can be seen clearly. There will be many chances throughout to ask questions to Kim.

£25 per person

please follow the link here to buy tickets for the demonstration evening . There is only 20 tickets available so be quick to avoid any disappointment.

The Course

This will be a full day course from 9 am until 6 pm on Sunday the 14th September. This course is for only five people and will include a complete tutorial and one on one guidance from Kim on completing a Taxidermy Canary. Kim will start at the very beginning going through the whole process and the techniques used to complete a taxidermy bird. Equipment and Specimens will be provided on the day and your canary will be yours to take home. We have our lovely neighbours Beatroot cafe providing lunch on the day of the course which is included in the price.

£185 per person

Please follow the link here to buy tickets for the full day course.


We really hope to make this a regular store event so if you are interested and can’t make these dates please get in touch and we will let you know of any future dates.

Also if you have any other questions please do get in touch.






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