My top 20 Grey Interior Inspirations

OK even I have to admit the title of this post can sound pretty dull to a lot of people but as a firm lover and heavy adopter of a grey wall at home and at the shop I thought it would be good to collate what I think are the best looking grey walls and their surrounding interiors and just thought some other people may be as interested as me. As its no secret that grey walls have been many peoples favourite for a while now.

Top 20 Grey Interiors

The interiors are in no order, I dont think I could pick a best –


the continued love of Grey

A lighter grey than maybe I would choose at home but it really gives a very sophisticated look to this lovely flat. I really like how it is continued onto the radiators and woodwork. I am also a sucker for internal doors with glazing and parquet so yeah this does tick a lot of boxes.


Dark Blue Grey Walls

I see so much I like in this interior and Im sure many people shudder at the darkness. There is always a lot of emphasis on a home being “light and airy”  and yes that is a good thing but I do like a bit more Drama and comfort. I like my home comforting me and I think the darkness kind of helps. It look as if the sitting room in this photo is actually pretty bright which is nice going into the darker corridor. I really like the dark ceiling too, but this really only work with a high ceiling as it really will feel like the room is closing in. I think the gloss of the painting on the left really adds to the space also.


Copper & grey

Grey and Copper go together really well and a failsafe if your not sure where to head with your brighter accessories.


Drawing room | Step inside a luxe Georgian townhouse in south London

Blue / Grey I love again how all the woodwork is done in the same colour.  Although a period home it is full of contemporary design, I really think the lighter flooring helps to highlight the brighter aspects and pieces within the room.


I vardagsrummet på första våningen står en kollektion stolar som den amerikanska däcksstolen och en...via Skona Hem

This is a lovely grey pallet in a period home but with a contemporary feel. I love the sleek painted boards against the simple and unadorned fireplace. This room is full of textures from the shaggy stool to the wooden folding chair (which I have only seen before in Mexico) and this really adds homeliness to a clutter free interior.



I really love what almost looks like an ombre gradient effect on this wall although I do think its just lighting and photoshop rather than a paint finish, I love the simple layout of the pieces on the cabinet and the wonderful embroidery although the small mirrors placement kind of offends me. I like an over lap but  seems unnecessary and I dont feel adds to the look. Love the matching cabinets sat next to each other.


A fab mix of grey and wood. Take a look at for solid wood beds and soft grey bedding.

Probablly one of the more contemporary looks I have chosen just love the colour  of these walls. Love the science Jar with the branch too, Im gonna have to try that with some of ours.



A very sophisticated grey room which is given a sense of drama from the black accents, however stays really light with the huge foxed mirror above the mantle piece.


CREATIVE LIVING from a Scandinavian Perspective: Danish Rooms - Danska Rum

All the Darks, this does scream cozy to me however the floor makes it seem very cold. I love the display of dark objects in one shade creating a focus and the gold really ties it all together.


rustic dark interior design bedroom. How to do my black/white/grey color scheme with lacquer lamps, silver accents, black furniture, mirrored furniture, shimmery black or grey rugs, grey velvet headboard and slipper chair. Black painted walls can actually work in a rustic log cabin bedroom. Dark hard wood floors, wood beams stained dark on ceiling, black door, & black painted walls. Maybe a black bear rug. Or grey animal rug. (No antlers above bed though)

Ok I pretty much dont like this room, the headboard, the lamp, the rug are not for me, but I had to add it for the ceiling. The ceiling looks so great and against the grey seems to give off a more chic rustic look.


Charcoal walls. Round mirror. White floors. Art.

The dark grey works really well with the stark white here. If you are worried about making things to dark black and white accents can really lift a room and help it feel contemporary. I also have a huge stash of white magazines in our bedroom to help bring a few different shades of white to the room. Yes it true I have the most massive love of Grey but our Bedroom is Brilliant White (all the better to display the lovely shoes)


with dark walls

This may be more due to the photograph than anything, but Grey is just a great Backdrop.



This is Jill’s lovely home from our previous home tour. Jill had a selection of different greys throughout her home and the “Railings” in the Dining room was definitely my favourite.

see the full post of her house here.


Distressed tinted wood floor.

A grey floor, maybe made greyer on photoshop but this lovely weathered floor looks fantastic. So many things to like here those walls are great even though they are not grey and really love the windswept greenery on the mantlepiece.


A full on Monochrome look, a great grey  and like the white but not so much the art work hanging, less what it looks like and more how its hung.


10 Rooms: Choosing the right grey...

This is a great Palette of Grey and Blues with the charcoal accents, I really like those two pieces of glassware in the background too.


blue grey walls w/ serge mouille lighting via MFAMB

Greys and Blue are often though of as cold, all the extra tones and dressing is what bring things together and makes an interior home and really helps to make the overall feel much warmer.


Leren hoofdeinde - vtwonen

Great Bed and Great painted concrete wall Headboard, just looks amazing. I think the leather headboard is a gym mat too!  Some seriously great walls.


when we one day have stairs they will be black!

OK not quite a grey interior, white walls and yeah pretty much Black stairs, but man it does look amazing. When I live somewhere that has stairs this will be the first thing I will do.



Obviously we love an Antler here at Dig Haüshizzle and yup like most things they work well on grey. I really like the brighter pops from the flowers and lights in this and something is even making me like the wicker furniture. Also amazing cornicing in a dark green.


Some Great Greys  –

Farrow and Ball –  £39.50 for 2.5 litres of Modern Emulsion for Interior Walls and Celings

Mole's Breath - Farrow & BallDown Pipe - Farrow & BallRailings - Farrow & BallBlack Blue - Farrow & BallOff-Black - Farrow & Ball

Moles Breath 276     Downpipe 26           Railings 31                 Black Blue 95              Off Black 57

Colours by B&Q



Soft Black – 2 for £22                    Cool Slate – £18.50                 Asphalt –  £14                         Cyclone – £18.98


For the Love of GREY

I like it dark, almost black or with quite a blue tinge. There are so many great grey paints out there and I could pretty much just chant the whole Farrow and Ball chart to you. Which somehow I seem to totally know without ever using Farrow and Ball ever or yet getting further into interior design. I have to say myself though so far in my own personal interior design devors the paint has been much cheaper and I would highly reccomend B&Qs own brand “Soft Black’ That is often two pots for £20. We use it in the shop and our lounge at home. I did add a tiny bit of dark blue to the one at home, Im not sure it made that much difference really but hey the room looks good.


The Grey in Our Lovely Shop –

On the inside and outside

702546_3953783254669_1959879867_n-1 711432_3953783614678_506061637_n

The Grey in Our Living Area –

just a sneak peek of our flat.


I love Grey, Grey walls at home, Grey clothes, Grey cars and a Grey Hoodie some how acquired from a friends Mum.

// Cassie x





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