20 Fabulous Christmas gifts under £100

Things are getting pretty festive here at Dig Haüshizzle, the pom poms are up the fairy lights are out and with the Christmas tree going up imminently at home. Its got me thinking Damn I have to start buying some presents! I have bought two already and with  ten to buy for that kinda sucks. Im sure many of you are super organised and have things packed and ready to roll. I am never like that, I freaking love buying presents and it just takes me ages to decide.

Well if you’re a later one on the buying front and need some inspiration, I have compiled this list of our top 20 gifts for Christmas under £100. Many of the things on the list  we only have one of so you may have to be quick.

1 . Mounted Roe Deer Antlers – £25 each (approx 25 available)

We currently have at least 20 of these in stock with different plaques and their individual looks. They are all German and also often have dates on the back, usually between 1965-1995


A top present at a tip top price.  The stock changes very frequently on these so they are often not on our website just get in touch here if you are interested in any – info@dig-haushizzle.co.uk

 2. Metal Florist Pot – £35 each (2 Available)


3. Mounted Butterflies – £45 (2 available at £45)


4. Cereal Magazine – £10 each (6 available)

5. Small carved Gilt Shelf – £45 (The only one)


6. Pair of Wheatsheaf candle sconces – £75 (The only set)

Now Sold

Image of gilt wheat sheaf candle sconces from Morris and Ling for Dig Haüshizzle

7. 1940’s American Flag with 48 stars – £75


8. Set of Three Victorian Mirrors – £60 (The only set)

A lovely set of ebonised mirrors that would look great as a set mounted on the wall.

Image of Set of Three Hand held mirrors

9. Letter Press Display – £95 (The only one)

Image of Letter press Display (Side Peg)

10. Driftwood Christmas Tree – £85 (The only one at this size and price but there are also two bigger ones )

Image of Medium Size Driftwood Christmas Tree

11. Blue Glass Jar – £50 (2 Available)


12. Pair of sailor girl dolls – £20 (The only Pair)

These are Polish 1950’s handmade dolls.

Image of Pair of 1950's Polish Wooden Dolls // Sailor Girls

13. Blue Soda Syphon Bottle – £28 each (3 Available)


14. Deer Hide – £70 (5 available at slightly different sizes and prices)


15. Pair of Deer Hoove Hooks – £48 (Only pair available)


16. – Anatomical Prints – £55

Image of 'Artery' Print

17. Things I love book – £25

Image of Things I love by Megan Morton

18. Bayonet Edison Bulb – £14 (12 available)

Image of Classis 'Squirrel' filament bulb

19. Acrylic letter ‘E’ – £18 (the only one)


20. OK number 20 is over £100 but only slightly.

Deconstructed Camera £115

We will have three more of these Cameras in stock next week. If you want to hear as soon as things come in ‘Like’ our Facebook page or Follow us on Twitter.



I hope this had helped o’ so slightly. With less than 20 days upon us until the day I have managed to consume both Mulled Wine and Mulled Cider eaten Mince Pies and a hell of a cheesboard so im pretty much there on the feeling festive front. Just to finish the buying now 🙂

A huge Merry Christmas to you all,

// Cass and Edd x x


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