A Parisian field trip

In September Edd and I took a little break to Paris. This was predominately a holiday which means for us often just finding places with rad interiors, often they come with great cocktails and food which certainly does make a holiday. Edd is a huge researcher so everywhere we go is always very well planned by Edd on google maps which you can download to your phone and make available off line. This always helps in making you look less like a lost tourist looking at a phone rather than a map but just make sure that data roaming is off, else you are in for a bitch of a bill. We were also sent some amazing recommendations from Rosa at Cereal magazine, we managed to make a few but next time with more heftier funds we will try and make a few more. Here is a few places that we did go to and would recommend a visit. Weirdly the first place for us is not a drinking or eating establishment but probably one of my favourite museums ever.

Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature

Now this place had everything. The exterior is a classic Parisian courtyard building with blue painted windows and black railings.  The courtyard is simply pebbled and exquistely kept. Being the musuem of hunting and nature there was also a lot of guns and a lot of very old and impressive taxidermy. The amazing setting of the building with its rich interiors just made everything come together in an unexpected way. This is somewhere I could go again and again. From the handrails leading up the stairs to the beautiful tapestries that hung from the walls this place was truly amazing. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The first main room you come into is this magnificent stag


This hung from the ceiling in one of the rooms, five owls.


Im just hanging with the Polar Bear.


Easily this was the most surreal of all the rooms as the lions were amazingly done and gave a very real impression when you walked in that almost stopped you in your tracks. It was also breath taking to see them so close and gauge their size. You got a sense that they could come alive at any point and tear you apart. As much as I found them amazing and beautiful and a nod to an antique time I would like to point out that I can appreciate taxidermy of almost any animal however I am totally opposed to the killing of any animal to do this. The photo below really give you an idea of the magnitude of this place. The picture is shot through three separate rooms, each with there own characteristics.


Little Red Door A well deserved cocktail or two and a sharing platter at “Little Red Door”  A slightly hidden cocktail bar as you can imagine behind the little red door. A great start to our evening as we are on holiday and the food was fantastic but was slightly lacking in atmosphere. I can never really pin point what makes a bar something you like so much but this was just slightly missing something to me. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A morning coffee in Coutume, recommened to us from Rosa at Cereal magazine. Rosa gave us a list of some of the most fantastic places and I intend to go back just to finish of her list! Coutume had not only great coffee but great looking food too its also just round the corner from Catherine B a shop full of wondrous vintage Chanel and Hermes handbags. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Rock Star Dog, this little guy just chilled out with his sun glasses on. whilst is owner drove around Paris doing deliveries. 🙂 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The photo above is taken within La Gare, this was our one big splurge of the whole trip. Situated in an old train station the interior cliental and food were all impeccable. I highly recommend this place if your ever in Paris. We walked a good hour and a half across Paris to get to this place and it was most defiantly worth it! That one thing Edd & I always like to do when visiting a city, exploring by getting lost aways unearths great little gems and if you have a pin pointed destination to slowly work towards you get your ultimate reward at the end of it, and this place was fantastically rewarding!! In La Gare not only was the food great and the old railways station it is in beautiful it seemed to be full of what seemed to be the typical Parisian. I got a little taken with a lady in her 70’s with the most wonderful posture and almost Ballet dancer like grace, simple black dress and the most wonderful jewellery. The Lourve…


The ceiling of the rather crowded but beautiful Galleries Lafayette, so many fantastic clothes in this place we didnt hang around long as you can easily get sucked in. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Canderaria is a hidden bar behind a Tacos bar we were told to visit, although I think everyone else knew this too and with only  about 7 seats and torrential rains outside we had no chance of getting tacos but settled gladly into the best cocktails we had in Paris. Drinking Absinthe to start your evening can make your evening not last so long though.


Blend was the result of a late night need for food before heading home on the underground. Its a take on the American diner food vibe thats very popular at the moment, in all honestly they did it very very well! Reasonably priced at around 12€ for burger and fries that will leave you feeling very content afterwards. We even had some bonus cookies afterwards.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Both of is in front of the Sacre Cour, we are not really good with crowds so this was more of a walk by than a visit straight into the more deserted roads of Montmarte. Our only Paris purchase is also getting its first outing, I managed to pick up a second hand Jil Sander coat !


A little photo of the Luxembourg armchairs in a Paris park.


Edd does love to take a photo of me looking at paintings, loving Yves Klein as always. The Pompidou centre. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This bar was called Grazie, not that you would know it. Its completely unbranded from the outside. However once inside you are greeted with an impressive bar display complete with a peacock. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The cocktails where perfectly mixed. I would always recommend sitting at the bar in these type of places. I could of sat their for hours watching the barman go to work. They served pizzas here, although we didn’t sample any food we did witness them being make. Everything was freshly made, the ham was being cut directly from the joint. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The above photo give you a good impression of what this bar was all about.


The Grazie facia, you can see how this place tempted us inside. Its dark, perfectly lit and furnished with practical bar staples such as tubular stacking chairs and well worn sofas. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A few places we went to and would recommend but took no photographs of,

SCHMUCK – Saint Germain restaurant

Jerome Lepert – Industrial interiors home store

Here is a few more places that were on our list we didnt make but were either recommended to us or Edd hunted out 🙂

Septime – Book early! We tried to book a week before and they were full the whole time we were in Paris.

Bones – We booked here but had to cancel as we kind of ran out of money 😦

The Sunken Chip – we never got to go here but this was one of Rosa from Cereal Magazines recommendations so I imagine its freaking great but although Edd tried his best to get me there early on we just ran out of time.

//Cass & Edd


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