Elle Decoration

Yesterday I got home from work to a lovely surprise, the Elle Decoration subscription had arrived. I know that is always nice, but nothing really to write home about.  This time I knew was different. As we knew interior designer and presenter Gabrielle Blackman had a shoot done at her wonderful home with a few of our pieces in. Gabrielle had told me to look out for the October issue and this one arriving slightly early was a great start to a Friday night.


We were very chuffed though to see Gabrielle had listed us in her “Secret Address Book”  alongside such well established and fantastic shops. Anouk Beerents in Amsterdam looks like a fantastic place and one we totally missed on our last trip to Amsterdam at 18 and 21. Its fair to say that trip was before our love of interiors and we really were not on the most cultural trip with about 14 friends in tow and staying at a camp site. Anyway next time it will be on our list. Of course also the fabulous De Gournay, I do believe Gabrielle has a very treasured piece of their wallpaper which really was the most decadent and finest piece of wallpaper I have even seen.



Here is hoping this is just our first mention in such lovely magazines. I feel a lot more work coming on.



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