An Insight into Videography

Dig Haüshizzle Video

For our new website we made a video you may have seen it.  Its kind of like a music video for our shop, why let bands have all the fun!

We had a great time making the video and coming up with ideas for it. However, damn they are a lot of work, and all we really had to do was be there and walk down some steps and turn a light on. Which annoyingly I actually forgot to do, twice. Our main other input included choosing the music, we knew what we wanted from the beginning but thought we were setting our sights a little high with wanting  to use the Brontide track ‘ Matador’. We were so freaking happy when they said it was OK to use it. Now that was our main input over, We did not do all the hard shooting late at night or editing, that was left to our friend and film maker Paul Gore.

We originally met Paul through his older brother Gorey. Edd used to live with Gorey and whole host of other best friends in a farm house. Yup they managed to all live in a massive amazing farmhouse which always had the most awesome partys and would be the start of so many amazing stories. I was at Uni I wasn’t jealous, OK just a little as I was forever coming back to Crump Farm. Paul came to the partys as a younger much loved sibling with Bier De France and his Dad’s John Smiths in tow and never turing down some excessive drinking game. This is how we first became friends with Paul.
Paul like I say is now a film maker and studies at Newport. With a photography background I have always really been into Pauls work. His films really are beautiful and get better each time. It always seems to have something in I would also like. Whether its a dusky house in Belgium or a Man’s Musical, free for all cinema home in Newport.

 A Few Questions to Paul Gore…………………………………………..

Hey there Paul what are you doing with yourself at the minute?

Right now I’m seeing through the projects that I set up for friends and myself to do this summer. Currently I’m working on five films that collaborate Musicians and dancers in five venues. This year has been incredibly busy, and it’s getting busier!

Paul you recently won an award, way to go!!  What video was this for and who was it from?

The video is called Waarheid but its listed on my vimeo as ‘A Short Film’, It was a university project that kinda turned into our own project that we then adapted to fit the university brief. We wanted to make the film in a sweet abandoned house and after months of research and travelling around we held on to the bitter end to find somewhere good because it was a film that we really wanted to make. In the end our friend Andre Govia put us in touch with a guy in Belgium that had access to this incredible abandoned Edwardian house so we drove to north east Belgium for three days to shoot the film, which could have been a complete flop because we hadn’t met Andre or the guy we were going to meet at the time. Everything was planned on texts and e-mails so for us it was a huge gamble which turned out really well. The film won ‘best art/experimental film’ at Cardiff mini film festival. We’ve entered into Toronto film festival in the low budget short film category, so fingers crossed it will get somewhere in the competition.


A short film from Paul Gore on Vimeo.

Do you often enter competitions?

No I’ve only ever entered three. I should enter way more competitions because it’s good to have them on your CV, and there are so many around. I don’t make films with the intention to win competitions but its defiantly one of the best ways to get your work out there in this day and age.

What do you shoot on and why?

I use a Canon 60d, I’ve always gone with Canon because its what I started using in the first place. I used to borrow friends cameras to do photography and make films and they were all using Canon so I got used to the settings and Canon never let me down so that’s why I stuck with them. Also the 60d has the rotational LCD screen so its a lot more video user friendly.

Paul you talked about your favorite lens a lot, which is it?

I bought two cameras for fifteen quid at a carboot sale in 2008 which was just when I was getting more interested in photography. I didn’t know much about cameras or photography back then so it sat in my room for years, and once I discovered that it was a pretty decent lens I used it on my DSLR with an adapter ring. It’s an old Carl Zeiss lens and it makes everything look amazing, I’m looking into buying more analogue lenses with the same glass.

Im not really down on my film knowledge would there be any feature films or short films you think we may like? or any other filmmakers/designers/brands that inspire you?

I watch such a huge and diverse range of films that’s its pretty tough to pick out a select few. But if any, watch rollerblading, skateboarding and bmx films from five to 10 years ago. I first got into filmmaking when my older brother bought home loads of rollerblading films like VG19, WORDS and Brain Fear Gone. The films were clearly thought about and planned with perfection, each section was so uniquely filmed and edited to fit with that particular skater. Everything about these films works so well and they will always be the most inspirational films to me.

Paul also has a pretty hard core love of music, this could definitely be seen when he mad the video for us. It was all about the music, I think Paul did not stop tapping the beats for a week straight and really knew every piece by heart before we started the shoot. With his musical love he also works a lot with the band Black Art. My personal last stint with the Black Art boys was at Pauls’s brothers wedding, no they are not your average wedding band but definitely a very very fun one and one that seems to pull out my slightly more energetic moves.

Paul on Black Art –

The Black Art boys are some of my best mates and I ended up renting a house in Cinderford with Nick, Oli and Nath a few years ago. I used to do t-shirt designs, album sleeves and gig posters for the local bands and that slowly developed into making videos. We talked about doing a video for about three years and we never saw it through, but this year we eventually did it. They didn’t want it to be fancy in any way just a straight up, simple, raw music video that complements their music. We planned on doing a black and white video in a huge hall in the middle of the night, with black drapes over the windows so we could project our own light to get that studio look. Turned out we couldn’t get the hall at night so we ended up doing it in an old working men’s pub in the middle of the day with no black drapes. How we pulled off the video to look like it did I don’t know because it was so bright in there. It was a pretty sketchy video to make because it could have gone totally wrong and been a complete waste of time. Now that’s became my relationship with the band, every time we do something, its new for all of us so it could turn into a complete disaster or work really well and that’s what’s exciting about working with Black Art.

Black Art | Deceiver from Paul Gore on Vimeo.

Paul I have also seen many sweet music videos including ones for Black Art. Is music videos something you would like to continue doing?

I’ve played drums for ten years, been in and out of bands and I listen to music all day every day so music is something that’s been a huge part of my life, so whatever I end up doing music will always be a big part of it. Ultimately I want to end up in music videos and commercials, feature films are cool but I have a very short attention span so I cant see myself ever making a feature. Every artist has something that they understand and relate to most, mine is sound. I spend most nights led down in the dark listening to music, letting my mind wander and noting down anything that seems like a good visual or good idea. I’ll do that whether I’m making films or not.

Black Art | Deceiver from Paul Gore on Vimeo.

Whats your top three music videos of all time?

That’s a tough one, maybe

Whats your worst music video of all time?

Whats you grand plan in film Paul ?

The grand plan is to end up in music videos and Commercials, as long is its not the same thing day in day out then I’m happy. I thrive to travel the world working with musicians and other artists in the most weird and wonderful places. I plan to venture in to music documentaries properly some day, after all I am studying documentary film and TV at University. At the moment I’m working on a series of five films that I mentioned earlier called ARCO films with my pals Rhys Lewis and Serge Kabanda. Arco stands for artist collaborative and that’s exactly what it is, five episodes featuring dancers and musicians in five really good locations. Everyone involved in the project is either a student or our age and trying to break into the music or dance industry. Ultimately we started this project to people in the same situation as us in on one project so we can post them all over the world, to festivals and what not in attempt that someones talent will get picked up from the films. I’m constantly experimenting and pushing the barrier up every time I make a film and where these films are a kind of hybrid between music video and short films its been great to explore a new format. We’re still making a few of them so they are looking for release in October this year. Besides that, I’m making a film for my friend Rob Harris who rides for inspired bikes in a yard full of plant machinery. That one is going into a competition in which we came second in last year. Also I’m hopefully making another music video for Black Art, no doubt we’ll do something before the year is over. My friend Steven Riddick rollerblades for a company called the blade and we’re planning on shooting an edit this year but that is weather permitting, I really hope we get chance to shoot this one.

Get hold of Paul here   07522338664

Vimeo link             

Damn things are exciting. Thanks so much for being a great friend and making us such a rad video.



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