18 outdoor chairs we dig.

mainpicThe summer is trying to be upon us, there are spatterings of rain and minutes of sun. Those minutes of sun are precious and we all like to take use of them. Whether its a beer outside at the pub, Pimms in the park or a glass of wine at home in the garden. Ok, for some reason sunny times I seem to associate with a drink and I think this is partly because I am well aware I am not at Glastonbury this year and I imagine if I was, at least a few ciders would have been consumed by now. Alas I am not there and I am here to show you an aray of what we think are some of the best outdoor chairs on the market. By the very nature of the market we deal in. Some of the chairs featured are not easily available, often they are from independent stores and dealers so you may need to act quick if you want them as they may just be the only ones. Also we will throw in some more readably available designer and affordable pieces.


Weirdly, I am going with Ikea first. I think they sold me this table and chairs on the wonderful picture. I know its Ikea and you cant count on its longevity but if you do need a quick fix Im sure this would be a good one.


Ikea MÄLARÖ Table £60 MÄLARÖ Folding Chair £25  available at www.ikea.com


I definitely have a thing for wrought iron garden furniture. My grandmother had a set and so do my parents it just seems to me to be the most romantic type of furniture you can see in an English country garden although very often uncomfortable and cold but its all about the look, right? Here is a pair of lovely chairs from August Interiors they have a great worn finish as garden furniture should have.


£95 for the pair available at www.augustinteriors.co.uk


The Luxembourg chair by Fermob is the iconic French park chair that was designed in 2004 on the basis or the original 1920’s chairs to be found in Luxembourg park in Paris. These are fantastically sturdy chairs that look great both outside and in an are available in a number of colours.


Fermob Luxembourg Armchairs £195 each available at www.madeindesign.co.uk

We also have 5 used Fermob Luxembourg armchairs (right hand pic) available at www.dig-haushizzle.co.uk for £65 each !


I am in love with this fantastic hand crafted Teak bench which can be used both inside and outside. It does help that the picture is also beautiful but I could see it fitting into my dream walled garden very nicely. It would also look great in a more streamlined modern garden. The price tag is quite hefty at £682  but I am sure it would be loved forever and moved inside in the winter time. I checked a few sites to see how much more standard Garden benches were so I could put up a fight why spending this much more is the right thing to do. However standard solid wood bench weren’t as expensive as I thought so it cut my argument to shreds as you will see in number 5. However I dont like to buy quickly when I could save for something I would love and have forever, I think I am making an awful argument to myself that I could spend £682 on a garden bench, one day.


Byron Indoor-Outdoor Bench £682 available at www.rowenandwren.co.uk


Yes I know it is not the same as the one above but you cant quibble on the price.


Aland Bench from B&Q £59 available at http://www.diy.com


Some more Cast iron but less of the white. I love the wear on this mid century table and chair set it has a bit of an Alice and Wonderland feel which can so work in a a slightly over growing garden. Again these are one offs so you will have to grab them quick there is also a matching bench currently available.


£450 for the set available at www.1hundred.co


The Tolix “A” chair is the classic French Bistro chair that we now see in so so many cafes and restaurants up and down the country and no wonder as they do look great. They are durable and come in lots of shiny colours. Ok they have been a trend for a while but look great so dont worry about how the fashions change. However they come with a hefty price tag even more so if you want more original worn ones.


Left Hand side are the New Tolix chairs which range from £210 – £225 each. Available at www.grahamandgreen.co.uk

Right Hand side is a picture of some original 1950’s tolix with some sweet wear to them which you have to pay for. They are usually around £300 per chair but I cant actually find any available at the moment. They go fast, so get them when you can.


These are the EMU Ivy Chairs by Paola Navone. I love the sculptural look of these chairs with the hair pin legs and striking silhouette. Unlike me (loving dark and worn) I am drawn to the colour with the orange being my favourite. I can just see them in a lush green garden with a good bit of sun, they would make some great shadows.


Emu Ivy Chair without arms £195 each, with arms £215 each avaliable at www.macandmacinteriors.co.uk


Some more perforated designs here but with added character. There are only 6 of these available and I dont think they will be available for long.


£380 for the set of six. Available at www.drewpritchard.co.uk


Here is another bargain to be had, Ok it really is lacking a bit of style but the colour is good, great to brighten up a small space especially a balcony.


£80 for the three piece set. Available at www.wilko.com


These are some great looking chairs, its a shame their is only 3 available but definitely a style you could mix and match with. The rust only adds to their look and their patina will change over time.


set of three chairs £245. Available at www.debden-antiques.co.uk


A lovely set of 4 original Woodard Sculptura chairs. Ok the more I look at garden chairs the more obvious it is I like metal ones that are often white and often include mesh. These are the first winged armchairs on the list and have quite a 70’s feel to them. The curves seem to make them look very comfy but I am sure a bright cushion wouldn’t go a miss.


for the set of four £496.18 (weird price) available on www.etsy.com


The Lucinda stacking chair looks like the epotime of the most standard chair ever. This obviously totally works in its favour in keeping things simple and clean and just with the two colour options of orange and white. I think the background of Faile and Bast paste ups is helping to sell it to me too, giving a big ole Barcelona vibe.


£32.69 each available at www.cb2.com


The Mexican loved Acapulco chair has been seen in many a sunny place since the 1950’s. I have never sat in one so am a bit weary of how comfy it would be, but darn it looks good. Especially in large sets with lots of colours, an infinity pool, tropical plants an cocktails to hand, well it is the Acapulco chair.


£338 each available at www.madeindesign.co.uk


This chair is not an original but is in the style of an Claudio Dondoli Red Viento chair. I am generally not a fan of a copy but these are a bargain, currently discounted to £39 each.


£39.00 each available at www.cultfurniture.com


Now this chair is a chair of sculpture. They can be used both inside and out however I think I actually prefer them inside the home but hey outside is good too.


£103.95 each available at www.cb2.com


Now this is the white metal chairs of my childhood and I am sure many of yours. I am such a fan of this classic set that both my parents and my grandparents set of these made its way into our wedding celebrations. They seem to wear pretty nicely and weigh a tonne so longevity is assured. I am sure could they be picked up cheaply in a car boot sale however finding any for sale on the internet is not easy this set with only three chairs is currently available on ebay.


£190 for set of three chairs and table available at www.ebay.co.uk


Our last chosen chair is the fail safe for every situation, the bonus Christmas chair, camping chair, used inside outside everywhere and can just be put away quite neatly after use. The classic wooden folding chair. I would buy ones with a bit of age (actually we already have two at home) mainly just because they look much nicer and we obviously like old stuff here. New ones just are not the same but if you have to have new, you can pretty much buy them in any big blue and yellow building. These ones we currently have quite a few in stock at Dig Haüshizzle with a selection dating from 1955 with Ministry of Defence, War department stamps, a nice touch.


£25 each available from www.dig-haushizzle.co.uk Unfortunately they do not come with our wonderful friend Jack playing some honkey tonk Piano however I always recommend a bit of Piano to get the party off to a cracking start.

I often get garden fever and with so little time its the main thing at our house that gets over looked. It is a shared garden so you do run a bit of a risk that if you spend money on it, will other people look after it? There are about 16 people in our building and I am sure everything would be ok if I started going for it but I am just not sure how long we will be here. The window boxes and plants are taking over our flat so our “garden” has to be the next project and it does need some love but it does have a rad wall. Hopefully we can put up some photos soon of a more used and pretty garden.


On the huge upside (I do realise we are so very lucky to have this) we live on a square with the most beautiful communal gardens so that does save us buying some garden furniture for a while.


Hope this has helped a little in finding the perfect outdoor chairs.

Enjoy the sunshine!



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