Filament Bulbs

I first saw and fell in love with these bulbs on a trip to New York in March 2011.

We pre planned many places that we thought were ‘cool’ that we wanted to visit mainly bars and restaurants and mainly based on their interiors. The filament bulbs were a reacurring theme in many lovely bars and we came back with an american lamp with said bulb that we had to  buy a converter for once we were home. I only managed to buy this lamp after promising Edd I would carry it as my hand luggage and “no” they wouldnt mind. They didnt mind and it made it home in one piece and is in our window sill.

Filament bulb in glass Dome from NEST NY on 9th Avenue and I cannot totally remember how much it was about $150


You see these bulbs around a lot now but they always seem to be in places that I really want to go to or already love anyway. They  are based on the original Edison bulb and are often used in places that want to embrace the old and the industrial . Brew Dog use an abundance of them and they look great in the Bristol bar.


We use a few different type of filament bulbs in our store. We have the classic bulb (also known as the squirrel) and we have a globe fitting. The ones we use in our window are imported from Holland and have a golden glow to them. We sell the classics for £14 on our website and the globes for £16 They are both a screw fitting but we also do have a clearer glass “classic” bulb in a bayonet fitting. When we moved into the store we knew we wanted a bit of a lighting display in the window but were really tight on cash. We put two scaffolding poles and bracketed them to the ceiling we then wired in 11 lights on red fabric cord and put in the filament bulbs. Being on the scaffolding means we can place them wherever we want in the window for our displays. They could all me moved to one side as there is ample extra cord or all hung in a straight line really low


Photo’s courtesy of Paul Green.

We also stock in our store The Vintage Electric Lighting Company they use some fantastic bulbs in their lamps and being on a dimmer too you can also get that really cool lovely dull glow. The one pictured id the RG2 made from old Tilly hetaers and converted to these lovely lamps that come with a few different colour options. We have one currently in store but more can be ordered, they are £285 each.

rg2 for blog

I would always suggest that this kind of lighting  be used in a cluster of a few ceiling lights or in a lamp. One hanging by itself often can look a little sad, while three in a bunch or in a line make a feature (you will also need the couple extra to give off enough light)  They are made for a decorative purpose so putting one in your lounge is not gonna cut the mustard on a lighting it up front however they give a very ambient, Antique and romantic feel probablly why they are used so much in bars. Help to keep you comfy in your seat a bit longer and order those extra whiskeys.


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