Introduction to Haüshizzle

If you have not yet heard of Dig Haüshizzle, seen the store, the website or any other random online presences. I thought it may be best to do a bit of a pictorial introduction to the kind of things we like. Although this is the “Haüshizzle” blog our tastes have not changed I just wanted to give you a little insight into the things we like in the world of interiors. Cause hey isn’t reading blogs mainly just looking for stuff you like. So we dont wanna waste your time of your not gonna Dig our pieces, posts and insights of wisdom.

The pictures show some of our stock interiors we like as well as colours and general ideas. I hope with this blog we can go into detail on specific items, find and take pictures of wonderful interiors whether residential or commercial. Give ideas for your home, tips on buying, restoring and upcycling. Im sure we will take on some guest posts and things will often go off topic at many points but this is a start.





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