We are growing up.

Today I have decided that its time for Dig Haüshizzle to grow up. Not to become a more reserved adult, to play its music quieter or to have a sudden love of Alan Titchmarsh. I just mean as much as I love Tumblr and will continue it, maybe its time to try and give this blog a bit more substance. Partly for me to push myself and the company  as well as trying to make my favourite blog. There are so many blogs I admire and read and firstly no I don’t read them I think “Damn I could do that” I suppose I just think I could do a little more to ours.

If you have not yet heard of Dig Haüshizzle we are furniture and decorative item store based in Bristol. We have an online store http://www.dig-haushizzle.co.uk and a physical shop in Bristol City centre as well as a few stockist’s. Dig Haüshizzle is run by myself (Cassandra Nicholas) and my Husband, Edward Nicholas. There is a whole back story which I wont go into now as I am firstly very likely to give this up in a couple of days if I cant work it properly also Im not sure its that interesting.



I will say the shop has been open for 6 months and we have not looked back yet. Im hoping that this blog will help me share many of the beautiful pieces we find as well as many wonderfu

l interiors and ideas. There is not yet a final Destination for Dig Haüshizzle so lets just see where this takes us, you never know I may even get better at writing which would frankly be terribly unlikely  but much anticipated.

For now and as a new string to Dig Haüshizzle the store, this blog is to to be just “Haüshizzle.”

“Shit for houses”



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